What is the best way to get into programming?

So this may be a really simple question. But I feel lost in so much available information on the internet these days. I can literally find anything that tells me what I want to hear on the best way to get into programming.

That said, I've already made a few steps. I have a meeting with an academic adviser at a college that provides technical degrees, they also do certifications. I work full time as a commercial producer, but I really want to switch careers. I don't feel passionate about video anymore, and all I think about now is learning how to code.

I've already started learncodethehardway.com on the Ruby course since I want to be a web developer. I'm trying to find time between my two jobs and learning code. Though with this technical degree I want to get, I may have to just go down to one job.

Am I going the right route? Are technical degree's even worth it? Should I start heading towards a bachelors degree? I already have one in Mass Comm.

Thank you for your time.

By @louielouie on Tue 25 Apr 2017 |


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Check out free websites like TheOdinProject and FreeCodeCamp. If you want to develop in ruby, The Odin Project seems better for you. It guides you through HTML, CSS, Javascript and then eventually Ruby development. Hope that helps.


I did learn programming while working full-time, now I'm a full time web developer. It's not easy but doable and compeletly free.
Let me tell you that you don't need any certificates or degrees because most companies don't care about those. I can also confirm that I didn't care about these while interviewing developers.
As a web developer, the most important thing is your experience and the projects you've on, especially your own projects on GitHub, etc.
My advice is to learn by doing.
First learn some HTML/CSS and make your personal website with them. Buy a domain and setup everything to work together.
Then learn a propper programming language like Ruby, JavaScript, Python, etc. Preferbly start with interactive tutorials like Codecademy and the like. Also watch some YouTube videos of programmers to see what programmers do and why. Then try to read/buy beginner friendly books for the specific language/framework you are learning and start practicing with very small projects and then grow from there.

There will be no time where you feel 100% ready as a real developer. Even real developers google their bugs multiple times a day. Just do it!

@random @carloslahrssen thank you for your responses! I appreciate the feedback

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