JS- While loop and substring not entered correctly

Hi Guys, trying to get this JS to print the entered value down the page. Any pointers would be great.

function start(){
    var vName= document.getElementById("custname").value;
    document.getElementById("output1").innerHTML = "Name Entered: "+vName;
    document.getElementById("output2").innerHTML = processString(vName);

function processString(pString){
    var vIndex=pString.substring(10);
    var vReturnValue="Character List"+"<br>";

    while (vIndex < pString.length){
        vReturnValue= vReturnValue+pString.substring(0,1)+"<br>";
    return vReturnValue;
By @uandurwords on Wed 26 Apr 2017 |
Tags javascript


Offer your help. Be nice!


I'm not really sure what you're trying to do... Do you want to append the value of #custname to the page?

I'm simply trying to get a while loop to assign the value entered down the page separated by a <br>. e.g. James ( is entered into the span) page output is: j a m e s


There's a lot more going on here than there needs to be, I think. All you need is a for loop: codepen.io/anon/pen/OmWwXp

thanks eden.

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