How to retain knowledge

I have a problem with remembering certain algorithms and simple concepts. For example I took an exam that asked "Please use bubble sort on an array of ints" I understand what it is asking me to do and what methods I need but, actually writing the code correctly is my problem. Its seems to always come out jumbled up and rearranged. Has anyone else had this issue when first learning CS and if so, what are some tricks you used to overcome it.

By @armyofone on Wed 26 Apr 2017 |


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I'm new to programming but not new to retaining and remembering skills. Reinforcement of learned tasks and continual application of the skills is important. I tried to crunch as much as humanly possible a while back and I retained virtually nothing. Now each day I take a bit of time and go over old notes and lessons learned. I do this until I am sure I know how to properly apply what I've learned without looking at notes. After you've retained, or think you've retained the information stop practicing it daily and go to weekly. If within that week you realize you cannot apply the skill effectively and efficiently go back to practice daily.

Also while in university/college I treated it as a full time job, minimum time spent working towards it was 10 hours a day. 6-7 days a week

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