Ask Devolio: What side project are you working on at the moment?

Hey everyone!
Currently I'm spending most of my free time working on Devolio, a platform where you can find programming-related questions and answers.

What side project are you currently working on? What excites the most about it?

Let us know!

By @mustafa on Mon 08 May 2017 |


Offer your help. Be nice!

I recently started working on Vulkan bindings and a game framework in Rust, which comes in three parts:

  • vkload does pretty much the same thing as the LunarXchange SDK, but with somewhat better performance, because it forces the user to create a dispatch table for each instance and device. Khronos explains it better than I can.

  • vkwrap is a safe, minimal wrapper around the above library.

  • vkgame is the actual game framework, because I'm bad at naming things.

I just started on these like a week ago, so all it can do right now is create a blank window and examine the properties of each gpu you have, but hopefully it'll turn into something cool eventually.

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